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How to get hired at Coast Capital: tips from the pros.

Want to work at Coast Capital? Well, you’ve just discovered a post that will help you out, big time. We asked our team to give us some pro tips for standing out from the crowd when applying for a job. Here’s how to get hired at Coast Capital.

A bit about the team.

Raman is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Coast Capital with over 9 years of experience in recruitment. She works on recruitment for nearly all our branch roles including Managers, and also hires Mobile Banking Specialists. She loves finding candidates that perfect role that melds their skills with their passions.

Matt is a Manager, Member Services at our Semiahmoo branch. He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Coast Capital and enjoys helping people unlock their potential and achieve their career goals.

Megan is a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. She’s been with Coast Capital for over 6 years and has been on the HR team for the past 2 years. She hires positions in our branches like Member Service Representatives and Business Banking Officers, as well as Co-op placements. She loves helping people find the best role for them when they get hired at Coast Capital. And she loves watching them grow during their time with us.

Get hired at Coast Capital.

What kind of qualities do you look for in an applicant?

Raman: I look for candidates who want to learn and grow in an organization. I want to see that they want to make a real difference in their community. We’re a purpose-driven organization and our employees live and breathe their purpose every day. We’re looking for people whose strengths and passions can help both themselves and Coast Capital grow and develop.

Matt: For me, it starts with a service mindset: the willingness and ability to sacrifice personal interest for the service of others. In my experience, those who place the needs of their members and peers ahead of their own end up being top performers and leaders in their own right.

Megan: Someone who is looking for more than just a job. I appreciate when applicants take the time to truly understand the role they’re applying for, and research Coast Capital as well. As much as we’re assessing if they’re the right fit for us, It’s important that they take the time to ensure the opportunity (and company!) is a good fit for them too.

Tell us a bit about the hiring process.

Megan: In the traditional sense, there are a few steps to it. People can apply through our Careers website. We do screening of the applications as they come in, and often conduct phone interviews before meeting with someone in person. We’ll schedule in-person interviews with the hiring manager, then do background checks. If a candidate is successful, we’ll send a written offer and the rest is history!

Matt: At Coast Capital, referrals are a great way for us to build our workforce. Our employees understand the type of people we’re looking for and most importantly, understand what our organization stands for. Don’t hesitate to build relationships with our people here to learn more about our roles and our credit union. And maybe you’ll even get that employee referral, our #1 way for people to get hired at Coast Capital.

“We’re a purpose-driven organization and our employees live and breathe their purpose every day.”

You each hire for certain types of roles. What is specifically important for you when looking for the right candidate?

Raman: As the positions I hire for are often more senior, I look for past and current experience as well as a true passion for people and personal and professional development. And this probably goes for all of us, but I’m always looking for people who are a good cultural fit and who share values with Coast Capital. The ideal applicant loves learning, adapts well to change, can execute on an idea, and inspires and motivates their peers every day.

Matt: I always look to hire what I can’t train; personality will always win over book smarts. Experience is helpful, but I’ve seen so many people with diverse backgrounds become incredibly successful by bringing their unique experiences to the role. It’s important never to underestimate the power of versatility.

Megan: I’m looking for people who will always have the best interest of our members in mind. Every member has unique needs and it’s important to me that we hire employees who will be aware of this and only recommend products and services that will benefit the member.

How can people stand out?

Raman: If your values align with Coast Capital’s, you’re that much further ahead already, and we want to hear about it! Let us know how your values are similar to ours. Tell us how the opportunity you’re applying for is going to help you live those values. Come prepared for a behavioural interview and have specific examples for answers to questions that will likely be asked.

Matt: Experience and skill sets will get you the interview. Attitude and character will get you the job. Be prepared to share why you get up in the morning and what makes coming to work exciting for you. We’re passionate about delivering on our purpose and want to see you doing the same.

Megan: Do your research and understand the role. Don’t be afraid to speak of your accomplishments – this is your time to shine! And have questions prepared to show that you’ve really taken the time to think about the opportunity – it’ll showcase your genuine interest.

What can a new employee expect in their first 60 days at Coast Capital?

Raman: A lot of learning – at Coast U located in our Help Headquarters, online, and in-branch. You’ll spend time with your talented new co-workers, and get to know the community and our members. Ask lots of questions, and know your leader and team is by your side every step of the way.

Matt: We appreciate that joining a new organization can be overwhelming and we truly attempt to make those first few months as supportive and encouraging as possible. You’ll meet so many people and hear their great stories about why they chose to work at Coast Capital Savings.

Now it’s your turn to get hired at Coast Capital.

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