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How our employees find work-life balance at Coast Capital.

How our employees find work-life balance at Coast Capital.

There’s work. There’s life. And then there’s the elusive ‘perfect blend.’ But from the minute you wake up to that blissful moment when your head hits the pillow, how do you balance errands, chores, extra-curricular activities, personal goals, the kids, and exercise alongside your 9-5 work week?

Until our identical clone bots can take care of the mundane tasks we care less about (we’re looking at you, laundry) – it’s important to find the yin to your yang in your workday. Here are some of the ways our employees find work-life balance. Read on and see how you can apply them to your own life.

Step 1: Refuel

Powering through your lunch break might seem like the only option when you have a mountain of emails to respond to and an afternoon full of meetings, but don’t overlook the importance of taking a 30 minute break… away from your desk. Use this time to mentally disengage from your projects – go for a walk, sit in the sun and read, or catch up with friends in the office. If you’re a multitasker, you can also use your lunch break to run errands or work out.

Step 2: Sweat

If you’re working a desk job, find an employer that offers gym benefits. Or even better, a gym in the building. Physical activity helps trigger the release of brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Katee, a Team Lead at the Coast Capital Savings Contact Centre, has benefited big-time from the free onsite gym at Coast Capital Savings Help Headquarters – and has turned it into an enjoyable part of her work day:

“Having a free on-site fitness facility has really helped get me back in shape. Over the last year I’ve lost 40 lbs, and 80 percent of my workouts have been on my work lunch breaks! That’s hours of time spent in the gym that otherwise wouldn’t have happened and I feel so much healthier and happier because of it.”

Step 3: Learn

Who said learning had to stop once you crossed the stage with that diploma? Look for a company that gives employees the chance to upgrade or enhance their skills with an allocated fund for education. So that technical writing course or advanced Excel course you’ve been meaning to take could be taken care of. Plus, you might even be able to take a personal day (or two) to study for your exam.

Coast Capital’s Education Assistance Program gave Relationship Manager Khurrum the opportunity to sharpen his skills in retail banking and transform his passions into a professional certification. He was able to take three financial planning courses over a three year period which will give him a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation once he writes his final exam at the end of the year. Khurrum attributes a lot of his success to the support and encouragement of his team, as well:

“Taking advantage of the Education Assistance program has helped me a lot. I’ve advanced my knowledge base which has improved my ability to help our members achieve financial well-being. I know my peers are supporting me and my managers have always sat down with me to look at my goals. Having managers who actually listen to what you want to accomplish is a tremendous help. And being able to take a day off to write an exam means a lot when it comes to finding work-life balance.”

Step 4: Recharge

While this might seem obvious, remember to use those vacation days! According to a survey, workers only take an average of 51 percent of their vacation days per year.

Most workplaces give their employees at least two weeks of paid time off to recharge their batteries. At Coast Capital, we start full time employees with three weeks and it climbs the longer you’re here. That cabin on the Sunshine Coast awaits.

And remember to use available flexible work options. Each business is different but where it’s possible to be productive and face laundry in the face, you should take it.

Step 5: Engage

We take our business seriously. Ourselves, not so much. Seriously though, we know how to have fun. At Coast Capital, we do things like lunch-and-learns, health & wellness workshops, intramural sports teams, and social events. And our roof top patio at Help Headquarters doesn’t hurt, either.

CCS Cup Winners
The winning team of the Coast Capital Savings Cup revel in their sweet, sweet victory post-match. See, getting out at lunch time has its perks.

Step 6: Balance

Many of us have children. Childcare can be difficult to come by, and when you and your partner are working and Grandma is in Palm Springs, what happens to the kids? Use on-site daycare or childcare providers for convenience and peace-of-mind.

Roger, Senior Analyst at Coast Capital, drops off his two-year-old son at the daycare at Coast Capital’s Help Headquarters every morning. Having a daycare in the same building has helped Roger immensely, providing him with the peace-of-mind that if his son is sick or unhappy, he’d be able to go down and comfort him.

“Not having to make an extra stop on my way to or from work allows me to manage my day with little to no change from before. It’s great to know that Coast Capital is always thinking about ways to help its employees manage their lives.”

Roger and Son
Coast Capital employee Roger gets a gourmet meal prepared for him by his two-year-old son/personal chef in the on-site daycare.

Step 7: Enjoy

Take advantage of employee benefits and perks – they’re available to you for a reason. For example, we bring in a Registered Massage Therapist several times a month to help alleviate achy, tired muscles.

Some workplaces even give employees the chance to volunteer during work hours. This can be done with a charity or organization of your choice, or through organized team outings. Getting the chance to volunteer during your work day can provide you with a sense of purpose and the opportunity to give back to your community, and is one of our employees’ favourite things about working here.

To learn more about life at Coast Capital, check out our Careers page. And hey, we’re hiring.

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