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Small Business Guide: How to manage debt

Even though taking on debt is incredibly common, and in some circumstances even expected in order to run and grow a business, that four-letter word still causes entrepreneurs a lot…

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Open for business: Best ways to follow British Columbia’s Restart plan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online retail experienced a buying boom. But many small businesses, sole proprietors, and those in the trades were left to wait things out. Now, the BC…

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CEBA’s last stand: What happens after the application deadline?

The final application deadline for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program has passed. Lasting nearly 15 months, prime minister Trudeau’s relief program provided interest-free loans of up to $60,000…

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Get essential advice for every aspect of your business

It’s easier than you think to gain access to practical tools and insights that can help you grow your business. The Business Resilience Program, from Spring Activator—a leading global organization that…

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How equipment financing can benefit your business

There are many contributing factors to running a successful business: great leadership, team engagement and the right working tools and equipment. That last piece can sometimes be pricey or unexpected.…

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Strong foundational roots: family business advice from mother-daughter duo

Umeeda Switlo, marine biologist and co-owner of Naledo was in Belize working when she stumbled upon a diasporic community that migrated from India. This community had been growing turmeric since…

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Giving up control to accept success: advice from Cold Comfort Ice Cream

As their tagline promises, Cold Comfort Ice Cream has been “Doing whatever the hell we feel like since 2010”. Sticking to her outside-the-carton thinking has served Owner and Founder Autumn…

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Building purpose into your business: advice from Period Aisle

“Don’t grow for the sake of growth, or sell products for the sake of capitalism.” Says CEO and co-founder of Period Aisle Suzanne Siemens, “Start your business with a meaningful…

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A small and steady start ends in bigger gains: advice from Iron Alley Gym

Becoming a successful business owner doesn’t happen overnight. Especially in a venture completely outside your element. Sharon Prokophuk, co-owner of Iron Alley Gym learned that pretty quickly. In 2018 she…

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Let’s give credit to small business

Do you give credit the credit it deserves? If you’re planning to start your own business, or even grow your existing one, credit can be instrumental to your success. And…

Lets give credit to small business credit
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How to manage your business’s cash flow

As a small business owner, you’re managing cash coming in and out of your business all day. From the smallest transaction to your monthly storefront rent payment, you need to…

Cash management for small business
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Meet Stephanie, Business Banking Officer

We know it’s tough owning a small business. In a world where a large amount of businesses fail within the first five years, a business owner’s time is more valuable than ever…

Business banking Stephanie Taylor