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It’s not business, it’s family: advice from Pajo’s Fish & Chips

The brainchild of Patricia (Pat) Branch, Pajo’s Fish & Chips first set sail in 1985 and has been owned and operated by her family since. But the definition of family-owned…

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Partnership and perseverance: advice from Studiothink

“We don’t do mediocre.” said Creative Director and Founder of Studiothink Sherry Jacobi, “And not just in work. It goes beyond that.” Headquartered in Cloverdale, Jacobi and her business partner…

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Retaining employees and keeping them happy during trying times—a pandemic plan

Curbside sales, ecommerce strategies, staff layoffs—it’s been a rollercoaster year for many Canadian small business owners. Events like a global pandemic can take their toll on an enterprise, from both…

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Owner know-how: Should I invest through my corporation or on my own?

Many business owners who are passionate about what they do often have trouble separating themselves from their company. But as tax time approaches, some Canadian small business owners and professionals…

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A guide to cybercrime prevention for small business

Protecting your business from fraud is always a priority, but now is an especially important time to revisit your cybersecurity precautions. For many small businesses, online activity is up due…

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BC Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

T’is the season for spreading festive cheer to those we love–and at Coast Capital, there’s no one we love more than our members. To help get the word out about…

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Should You Rent, Own or Lease Your Business Headquarters?

Should you own or lease your commercial business space? As a small business owner, you’ve become a pro at problem-solving: from managing your cash flow to hiring the right staff to finding financing.…

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Sole proprietor vs partnership vs incorporate: which is best for your business?

Sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation? Ways to structure your small business There’s nothing quite like being your own boss. Understandably, when you’re launching your business, the structure you choose may not…

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Is your business ready for the surge in online shopping?

The pandemic has prompted an online shopping boom. Global retail e-commerce traffic reached a record 22 billion monthly visits in June of 2020, according to the data site Statista, with demand for…

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Let’s give credit to small business

Do you give credit the credit it deserves? If you’re planning to start your own business, or even grow your existing one, credit can be instrumental to your success. And…

Lets give credit to small business credit
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How to manage your business’s cash flow

As a small business owner, you’re managing cash coming in and out of your business all day. From the smallest transaction to your monthly storefront rent payment, you need to…

Cash management for small business
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Meet Stephanie, Business Banking Officer

We know it’s tough owning a small business. In a world where a large amount of businesses fail within the first five years, a business owner’s time is more valuable than ever…

Business banking Stephanie Taylor