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Coast Capital’s Business Women’s Network

There’s still a lot of work to be done for women in the workplace. According to Statistics Canada, in 2018, the gender pay gap translated to women working 47 more days without pay compared to their male counterparts.

That’s why, at Coast Capital, we work hard to empower all our employees. We also support initiatives that are important to all of us, like helping women in business succeed. As a part of keeping that promise, we started the Coast Capital Savings Business Women’s Network (BWN).

To better understand the Business Women’s Network, what the committee does and why, we sat down with the Chair of the BWN, and Director of the Chief Member Experience Office, Larkin Mackenzie-Ast.


What is your position within the Business Women’s Network?

I am honoured to be the new Chair of the Business Women’s Network. As for what I do—I wear many hats with much gusto!

Part of my role is to advocate for the BWN and lead the strategic planning process. I’m responsible for having an organization-wide view of any activities and/or events that are relevant to the network. It’s also my job to keep the mandate of the network front and centre, while understanding the role we can play in the strategic vision of the organization.

What is the Business Women’s Network’s purpose?

To advance gender parity, in all its forms by building a network and forum for women to connect and build confidence while eliminating gaps and barriers that stand in the way of leadership advancement.

The BWN is also passionate about including people of all genders in our activities. The learnings and experiences shared are not unique to women, and we invite everyone to join us as we grow within the company.


How and why did you get involved?

I joined the BWN shortly after it was formed and lead by Angela Rogers, the founding Chair of the Business Women’s Network and Manager, Executive Communications at Coast Capital. Angela asked me to take over as Chair as she’s about to go on parental leave. I’ve loved every minute so far.

Joining the BWN felt like the right way to get involved since I’m deeply committed to diversity and inclusion.

Before joining Coast Capital, I led a national charity called the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.  I have a deep passion for helping women achieve the success they desire, as they define it. I want to leverage my previous work experiences advocating for gender parity. So, I’m doing what I can to impact the lives and careers of women and men at Coast Capital Savings.


What kind of activities does the Business Women’s Network do?

Currently, we host activities for Coast Capital employees that focus on specific areas and learning opportunities related to gender parity. We’re very excited to soon be launching a series of webinars/seminars for our employees. We want to bring focus on issues surrounding gender parity and how to be aware of them and address them.

We also host events where women leaders from all walks of life share their stories, with a focus on lessons learned and their greatest achievements.

In addition to these activities and events, we’re in the initial stages of planning a mentorship program. We want to connect people with leaders who can help them take their career at Coast Capital to the next level.


Why is it important?

As an employer, preparing employees for leadership advancement opportunities is not just about being good people—it’s also good business. We want everyone at Coast Capital to have the ability to expand their skill set and to be ready to take that next career step.

We want our people to feel ready to step up to the challenge. The opportunities at Coast Capital are huge, particularly with our national expansion and we invite everyone of all genders to join us as we grow within the company.


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