Managing Your Money

2021 Survey Results: The financial impact of the holidays.

The holidays can be one of the most exciting times of the year but we can’t deny that it can be an expensive time as well. We wanted to dig…

Managing Your Money

7 ways to stay out of debt this holiday season

How to stay out of debt this holiday season The holidays are at the same time every year, but they still have a way of creeping up on your wallet.…

In Your Community

We turned your bills into holiday gifts

Holiday cheer is meant to be shared. So, we asked our followers how they would treat a loved one if they didn’t have to pay one of their bills. After…

Managing Your Money

Setting financial goals for the New Year

Calling all New Year’s Resolution-ers: it’s time for change The first month of the year is usually when we dust off the holiday cookie crumbs, take off our stretchy eating…

Managing Your Money

Budget-friendly holiday entertaining

Who loves a good holiday party? But being a host(ess) with the most(est) is no small feat. Whether it’s a small gathering with close friends or an all-out extravaganza with…

Holiday Entertaining on a Budget
Managing Your Money

Five holiday gifts that’ll fit any budget

One of the reasons I look forward to the holidays is that it gives me the opportunity to sit down and think about the people I love and what matters…

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