Managing Your Money

Finance tips for students on CTV Morning Live

We know that university it expensive. But we also know that there is more to life than slurping instant noodles out of styrofoam cups. We’ll help you find the wiggle room…

Grow Your Money

Investing myths debunked.

So you’ve got some money. Maybe not a lot, but some. And you want to see it grow, like those Sea Monkeys you had as a kid. But where should…

Investment Myths Debunked
Grow Your Money

5 Quick Tips for RRSP Season

For most people, an RRSP is that thing you’re putting money into to save for retirement. Beyond that, many people’s understanding of RRSPs can be kind of fuzzy. Read on…

5 Quick Tips for RRSP Season.
Managing Your Money

How to set a budget you’ll actually use.

Budgets. A word many people dread because of its association with restrictions, hassle, and headaches. But unlike your favourite hairdo from the early 90s, budgets are still in style –…

How to set a budget you'll actually use Featured Image
Managing Your Money

How a loan can put you on top during RRSP season.

The RRSP contribution deadline is just around the corner. Come March 1, it’s a ‘snooze you lose’-type situation if you want your contribution to count for the year. Like many…

How a loan can put you on top during RRSP season
Grow Your Money

The value of working with a Financial Planner.

Let’s face it – money can be a topic that not a lot of people enjoy openly discussing. Kind of like when you’re told to pick which grandma is the…

The Value of a Financial Planner
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One employee’s take on financial literacy.

At Coast Capital, we’re all about helping our members achieve financial well-being, and our employees are a key part in helping us deliver on this. We recently ran a contest…

Financial Literacy
Managing Your Money

Things to consider when buying a vehicle.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. In some ways it’s like introducing a new member into your family because it plays such a…

Things to consider when buying a vehicle Coast Capital Savings
Managing Your Money

Money management for kids

You teach them manners, how to tie their shoes, and how to ride a bike. But can you really teach your kids the value of money? Short answer? Yes. And…

Teaching Money to Kids

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