Grow Your Money

How to find the right investment professional

We all know there are things we excel at and other things we…don’t excel at. A large part of succeeding at things we’re not well versed in is knowing how…

Grow Your Money

Top 4 reasons you need a financial plan

Financial planning is not just for wealthy people moving money between complicated, exotically named investment vehicles. In reality, a financial plan is an important tool for anyone who wants to…

Managing Your Money

Fixed vs. variable – which mortgage rate is right for you?

There can be a lot of jargon in the mortgage process, and keeping track of the different products, different dates and different rates can be tough. And because it’s such…

Managing Your Money

Why you should talk to a mortgage specialist

A perfect mortgage is so much more than just a seductively low-interest rate. It’s one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make.  So, why not take advantage of an…

Grow Your Money

How a TFSA can up your investment game

A Tax-Free Savings Account (or TFSA) is one of the more flexible financial tools available to us. It’s great for the long-term, short-term, term deposits—all the terms, really. It allows you to…

Grow Your Money

Understanding your financial risk tolerance

All investments have some degree of risk involved. Finding where you fit on that scale is critical to your financial success. Too much financial risk can cause panic or sleepless…

Managing Your Money

Is all debt bad?

Debt doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Sometimes you need to take on debt to reach a milestone in life like going to school or buying a house. For…

Grow Your Money

Investing in your 50s and 60s.

Three words: retirement is coming. Your fifties are an important decade. You’re near enough to retirement to feel its hot breath on your neck.  You are potentially in your peak…

Investing in your 50s and 60s
Grow Your Money

Top 6 things to know about will and estate planning

It’s not fun to talk about, but what’s your plan to look after your family when you no longer can? This is where will and estate planning comes into play.…

will and estate planning

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