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We’ve made some updates to our mobile app.

Mobile App

We’re pretty big fans of the Coast Capital Savings Mobile App, and so are our members. We recently made a few exciting changes, so we sat down with Lindsay Rudder, Manager, Digital Banking, to get the scoop on the updates.

Why did we make the recent updates?

This update is focused on usability and security. Over 100,000 members use our app every month, so we want to create the best experience possible. Coast Capital is always looking for ways to make our members’ lives easier, so these updates were a given.

What’s new?

A few exciting things!

First, fingerprint based authentication. On supported Apple devices, members will now be able to log in to Coast Mobile Banking using Touch ID.

Second, we’re streamlining access. Members can now launch popular mobile banking functions (like Bill Payments and Deposit On-the-go) from their device’s home screen using Apple’s 3D Touch (also known as ‘Force Touch’) feature on supported devices.

And third, we’re improving usability. Tablet users (both iPad and Android) will now be able to use the app in landscape mode that features enhances layouts and navigation.

Are there any security considerations associated with using Apple’s Touch ID?

There are three important considerations to be aware of when using Touch ID that help keep your accounts secure.

  1. Once Touch ID is enabled for the Coast Capital app, any fingerprint stored on the device can be used to log in. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that Touch ID is enabled on devices that belong to you.
  2. Touch ID is linked to your Personal Access Code (PAC). So if you change it, you’ll be prompted to use it for your next log in after your PAC is changed, even if you already have Touch ID set up.
  3. You’ll also need to login with your PAC on the next log in after adding or deleting a fingerprint from the device.

Is there anything else our members should know about digital banking right now?

Well, we recently launched Apple Pay! So if you have an Apple device and haven’t signed up yet, try it out and see how easy it really is to use. I haven’t pulled out my debit card in weeks.

What’s next for the mobile app?

Well I can’t give too much away, but I will say we’re launching a pretty exciting feature soon that is really going to help empower our members take control of their finances in a new way.

Thanks for all the info, Lindsay!

Learn more about digital banking at Coast Capital Savings.

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