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Meet the 2019 Vancouver Island Youth Community Council

The Coast Capital Youth Community Councils empower young leaders to make investments in local youth initiatives.

In 2018, the Community Councils allocated $1.6 million in grants to 109 youth-serving organizations. But that’s only a sliver of the pie – since 2012, they’ve allocated over $8.8 million to deserving groups in their communities. That’s a lot of pie.

Each Youth Community Council is comprised of eight emerging young leaders between the ages of 18 and 30.  Four representatives are from the local community and four are Coast Capital employees.

Decisions for youth, by youth.

Community groups who apply for a Coast Capital Community Investment Grant for Youth know their grant applications are being reviewed by dedicated young people who have a strong understanding of the issues youth face today. Who better to know how to help youth than youth themselves?

Click to read more about each member and get to know the awesome youth who are helping us build a richer future for youth. 

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