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A workplace culture that builds leaders who inspire

At Coast Capital, we promise our employees a certain kind of workplace. A cool place and space where you can build your brand and where you have room to grow. And a place where, when it comes to creating a superior member experience, it’s your call.

We also promise a workplace that builds and fosters leaders who inspire. A pretty lofty promise? Sure. But we’re used to lofty ideas here. Our purpose is to change the way Canadians feel about banking, forever. And we aim to do that by delivering simple financial help to our members.

So what exactly is a leader who inspires? Let’s break it down.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Think back to the managers you’ve worked for in the past. Did you see each and every one of them as a leader?

Dilbert’s boss, for example, is no leader. He’s a command-and-control, pointy-headed caricature of the kind of manager we all roll our eyes at.

No, he’s no leader. So a management title doesn’t make you a leader.

What about your non-managerial coworkers? Have you ever seen any of them as a leader? I bet you have. Each of us has the capacity to lead from where we stand. So being a leader doesn’t require having a management title.

Being a leader means having a vision for potential and creating an environment where that potential can be unleashed and channeled toward positive outcomes.

Margaret Wheatley believes the “capacity that any organization needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed.” That means all of us.

What does it mean to inspire?

Look up the word “inspire” and you’ll find its Latin root, inspirare, which means to breathe life into.

Imagine a leader who believes his or her role is to breathe life into his or her team and its members. What comes to mind for you? Who comes to mind? And when you think of your most inspiring leaders, what do you feel?

An inspiring leader makes you feel more alive, more connected and maybe even more like yourself. That’s why leaders who inspire can bring out your very best performance. Because they see you and your potential, and they connect you to a purpose that’s bigger than you alone.

The era of Dilbert’s command and control leadership is long gone. The era for Leaders Who Inspire is here.

And we’re cultivating it at Coast Capital, every day.

Want to join our team? Get inspired with us today and check out our career opportunities.

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