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Real connection: Natalie Moore’s Coast Capital story.

None of what we do would be possible without our people. Real people, connected by our shared purpose, offering real advice to our members. Working together for a better today, and a better tomorrow. That’s why keeping our employees happy, motivated and fulfilled is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that work-life balance, building a career, and building a better life for our employees and their families shouldn’t be a dream.

In this employee stories blog series, we sit down with five team members and ask them about their experience working at Coast Capital and how it’s impacted their career and personal journeys. This is Natalie’s story.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in England in a small close-knit town. My mum worked at the local high school and so everyone knew my family. Growing up, we travelled a lot across the world. Most of my family has lived or worked abroad, and I always knew I might do the same one day.

My travels brought me to Canada, where I came to live and work in 2017, and I eventually joined Coast Capital as a Senior Member Experience Design Manager.

How have your past experiences prepared you for your role at Coast Capital?

In school, I stuck to more academic subjects, but I always liked art and design. In university, I did my undergraduate degree in psychology, and ergonomics and human centred design. I loved the opportunity to design things that enhanced people’s lives.

It wasn’t planned but, immediately after my undergraduate degree, I went on to complete a PhD in human centred design. I worked at a small start-up UX (user experience) design agency for a few years in London and then moved to work for Deloitte Digital. Eventually, I transferred with Deloitte to their Vancouver office.

Who are your mentors and/or role models?

I’ve had great mentors throughout my consulting career, and they’ve given me advice on how to grow and focus my career. My mom and dad are certainly mentors to me. They’ve always just gone for it in life. They’ve lived and worked abroad and given me the confidence to think things are possible and just do them.

Tell us about your career journey at Coast Capital.

I had a very intense career in consulting. I was looking for something as equally interesting and demanding, but with less stress. I met with Coast Capital, and it immediately felt like it was a place I belonged.

My position is new to the organization. It’s an exciting time at Coast Capital as human centred design is a quickly growing area and people are really getting behind it. It’s so exciting to bring my years of experience to an organization that is reshaping how we serve members, employees, and communities.

Coast Capital is committed to building better futures. How is Coast Capital helping you build your better future?

There are a few ways the organization is supporting me. By allowing me to work remotely, I can keep this job and move to a place that offers me a lifestyle I love and supports my mental well-being.

In terms of my career, I have a role at Coast Capital that brings me immense life satisfaction. I work on projects that directly influence the member and front-line staff experiences. I also design financial products and services that make life easier and better for people.

Finally, the organization is so supportive of me as an individual. Whether it’s emphasizing the importance of mental well-being through workplace networks or making space to learn about Truth and Reconciliation, Coast Capital finds opportunities for us to truly connect, learn and grow.

How does Coast Capital support your work/life harmony?

I mostly work remotely and that has been so helpful in achieving balance in my life.  The flexibility is great, too. We can go to the office when we want and have a great space to meet as a team.

Coast Capital is also very supportive of making sure we keep balance in our lives. We recognize people work in different time zones and book meetings accordingly. Our leadership is incredibly approachable and often checks in to ensure I have the right set up to work comfortably from home.

What do you like the most about working at Coast Capital?

Quite simply, the culture of the organization and the values of the people who work here. All of this gives me a true sense of belonging.

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