Small Business Centre

We go out of our way to help small businesses

At Coast Capital Savings, we go out of our way to help small businesses achieve financial well-being. Especially if they know how to throw a good party. As a business owner,…

We go out of our way to help small businesses

Small Business Centre

How heartbreak can hurt your bank account. All about romance scams.

You may have seen it in the news. Romance scams are one of the most emotionally and financially devastating frauds out there. And you might think, but that would never…

romance scam
Staying Secure

Do you know the three types of cheque fraud?

How much do you really know about preventing cheque fraud? It’s ok to admit that you could benefit from some education. We’re here to help. Read on for what you…

Cheque fraud
News & Innovation

Coast Capital relieves post-holiday debt stress with #ColdHardCash

With the holiday shopping season now over, many Canadians are suffering from financial hangovers as their holiday bills start to arrive. We wanted to help with that. Morning commuters throw…


News & Innovation

Top 6 tips for charitable giving this holiday season

‘Tis the season to be generous—estimates put the amount of holiday giving in Canada at around $5 billion. How amazing is that? Our Ian Thomas stopped by CTV Morning Live…

charitable giving holiday season
News & Innovation

Making sense of the costs of investing

Understanding the costs of investing can be confusing and overwhelming at times. With all of the different ratios and acronyms, it sometimes feels like you need a decoder to make…

News & Innovation

Changes are coming for the way your investments are reported

If you’re an investor and don’t know what CRM2 is, you may want to pay attention. It refers to regulatory changes that will affect the way your investments are reported.…

CTV Your Money
News & Innovation

Coast Capital Savings is in Courtenay

We’ve opened the doors at our newest branch in Courtenay and are excited to bring the Simple financial help we’re known for to this beautiful community on Vancouver Island. We spoke with Christine…

News & Innovation

Coast Capital Savings is in Kelowna

Tuesday, November 1 marked the opening date of our new branch in the heart of beautiful Kelowna, BC. We sat down with Maureen Young, Senior Manager, Community Partnerships and Investments,…

Coast Capital is now in Kelowna

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