Grow Your Money

Investing during times of market instability

The state of the Canadian economy may be uncertain, especially with COVID-19 causing such chaotic fluctuations, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your investing goals. “It makes sense…

The Art of the Side Hustle

Investing smart in a gig economy

Click on the finance tab of any news site, and you’re bound to find ample investment advice. But for the growing sector of freelancers and self-employed people who make up…

The Art of the Side Hustle

Ask an Expert: Responsible Investing with Rod Castellanos, VP NEI Investments

Hello there, my name is Mark Costello, Associate Financial Planner with Coast Capital Wealth Management and thank you for tuning in to our Ask the Expert segment. Today I’ll be…

Grow Your Money

Pay Yourself First: the benefits of forced saving

Regular savings are an important part of financial health, whether you’re building up an emergency fund or saving for a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to put aside…

Grow Your Money

Socially Responsible Investing 101

Environmental sustainability is a big part of what we do here at Coast Capital. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation®  which means that we meet the highest standards…

Grow Your Money

Keeping a long-term view on the market

It’s no secret that the spread of COVID-19 across the world has resulted in increased market volatility and decreased market values. Although this is obviously not ideal market behaviour, it’s…

keeping long term market view

Grow Your Money

5 Quick Tips for RRSP Season

For most people, a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is that thing you’re putting money into to save for retirement. And you’re right, it is. But beyond that, many people’s…

Grow Your Money

Growing your money in your 20s and 30s

Your 20s and 30s are the time of your life when you can enjoy all that the world has to offer. Things that, in your teens and early twenties, you…

Investing in your 20s and 30s Coast Capital Savings
Managing Your Money

The value of working with a Financial Planner.

Let’s face it – money can be a topic that not a lot of people enjoy openly discussing. It can also be kind of confusing. But it shouldn’t be. With…

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