Managing Your Money

Financial high school: Global Morning News

  Many teens will soon be earning their own money for the first time as they take on summer jobs. So how can you help your child manage and maybe…

Managing Your Money

Making it through uncertain times: 4 financial lessons from 2020

The coronavirus crisis has imposed unprecedented challenges on businesses and individuals around the world. But at the same time, it’s provided learning opportunities as well. A crisis situation can reveal…

Managing Your Money

Financial Literacy: Knowing the difference between APR and APY interest rates

Financial Literacy Series: Knowing the difference between APR and APY When it comes to calculating interest rates, there are two methods: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY).…

Managing Your Money

Financial Literacy: How interest rates work

Financial Literacy Series: What interest rates are and how they affect your life While watching the news, you’ve likely noticed that interest rates are falling. For some people, this just…

Managing Your Money

Financial Literacy: So, what exactly is financial literacy anyway?

Financial Literacy Series: What is financial literacy, and why is it so important? You probably spend money almost every day. But that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily an expert on it.…

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One employee’s take on financial literacy

At Coast Capital, we’re all about helping our members achieve financial well-being, and our employees are a key part in helping us deliver on this. We recently ran a contest…

Financial Literacy

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