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It’s easier than you think to gain access to practical tools and insights that can help you grow your business. The Business Resilience Program, from Spring Activator—a leading global organization that empowers entrepreneurs through innovation—is currently available to Coast Capital business members for free until September 24.

Through the program, Coast Capital business members get access to video tutorials, biweekly live masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and many other resources to help their businesses thrive. “Entrepreneurs and businesses need a roadmap and tools to survive the recession and prepare to emerge successfully on the other side,” says Keith Ippel, founder of Spring Activator. “Our Business Resilience Program is designed to impact the largest number of entrepreneurs possible and provide the crucial framework necessary for increasing levels of tailored support.”

Spring’s Business Resilience Program was specifically designed by top business leaders as a support system to help entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty and set the stage for future success. It provides a wealth of learnings, tools, resources, best practices, inspiration, and case studies to help you tackle all aspects of your business, including sales, marketing, and funding.

The program’s value lies in its actionable insights, delivered on-demand to suit your schedule. “The Business Resilience Program is wonderful for entrepreneurs just starting out as well as businesses that are more established and looking to broaden the way they operate or learn about a specific topic,” says Pavandeep Gidda, Small Business Segment Manager for Coast Capital. “Particularly sought after is information on how members can reach a wider demographic or how to weather unforeseen challenges to be more prepared.”

Enrollees in the Business Resilience Program can gain access to popular course modules, including:

  • Proven strategies to grow sales:Find out how to build customer avatars, understand the customer journey, and the elements needed for a successful sales strategy.
  • 4 essential tools to start online marketing explained:Immerse yourself in mastering Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google analytics, and SEO.
  • How to cut down expenses:Get tips on managing one-off and monthly expenses, how to assess your cash situation, and handling your payroll effectively.
  • 7 ways to fund your business: Find critical funding sources and strategies, discover grants and loans available to you, and understand crowdfunding and other money-raising platforms.

Enrollees also gain instant online access to short videos on topics ranging from finances to team planning to marketing. Videos have received rave reviews from past program participants: “The video Digital Marketing: The What, Why and How was super useful to me,” says Andrew McKillop, founder of Mill+Commons, “especially when we’re making decisions on where we are going to market, how we are going to market, and how to make our marketing dollars count.”

Post-pandemic or not, the Business Resilience Program provides well-rounded training for those entrepreneurs with growth and stamina on their minds. “Going through the exercises around making sure you have a really strong runway so your business is resilient and figuring out ways to really connect with our customers was key for me,” says Christine Lilyholm, owner of Stonehouse Teas.

Grab the insights while you can and see where Spring Activator can take you.

Enroll in the Business Resilience Program now or get more information about Spring

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