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4 ways merchant services help businesses

We know your day as a business owner is busy. You’re running the show, after all. So you’ve got your business credit card lined up, your payroll solutions, and your chequing account running. If you’re accepting funds in exchange for work, you’ll save even more time with merchant services.

What are merchant services? I’m glad you asked. Typically we refer to merchant services as the merchant processing services that help your business accept payment using a customer’s debit or credit card. And hey, we all like getting paid.


Merchant services is convenient for customers

It takes some pain out of paying. A quick tap is easier and faster than pulling out cash and counting change. More and more people are opting to pay by card rather than cash or cheque. By offering your customer more convenient options to pay, you’ll increase your income and customer loyalty.


You can offer multiple payment channels

When you offer multiple payment channels, it shows that your business is not afraid to evolve with technology and change to give your customer the most up to date service. It allows many new and different ways to make their payment. While the obvious ones are credit and debit, some more exciting ways to pay are INTERAC Flash®, Apple Pay and Google Pay™. Thinking about selling your stuff online? Merchant services can help with that too.


It saves you time

Time means money when you run a business. Merchant Services isn’t just for the customer, it’s also for you.

It saves you the hassle of trying to find time to count your cash, add up your cheques and drive to the bank. With merchant services, you get paid instantly. No more invoices, no more waiting for cheques in mail. You can even save credit card information for recurring payments. You’ll finally have more free time to do important things like your payroll or watch adorable kitten videos. We won’t judge.


You can increase customer loyalty

With merchant services, you’ll have the option to offer gift cards to your customers. They’re a great way to promote your business and increase customer loyalty. By taking advantage of this option, you’re giving current customers the opportunity to make repeat purchases. You’ll also be opening your door to new customers who’ll receive gift cards as presents for birthdays or holidays. And a little icing on the cake, merchant services give your business the ability to offer rewards so you can thank your loyal customers.


Things to consider

Merchant services are often offered as packages. Some will offer you a flat rate or your cost may vary depending on what type of cards your customers use. It’s important to review this with your provider to make sure you’re set up with the best plan for your business.

I hope this provided some insight into how merchant services can help your business. If you have any questions, just give someone from our business banking team a shout. We’re happy to help.


Ashley Delgado

Ashley Delgado

Business Banking Officer

Ashley has nearly 10 years of banking experience and enjoys spending time exploring Victoria with her wife and puppy. She volunteers on the Coast Capital Youth Get It Community Council, helping allocate grants to youth-serving community organizations.

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