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Best financial reads and podcasts | Summer 2021

When it comes to learning new things about finances, investing and all things money, it can feel overwhelming–but it doesn’t have to. Whether you are a brand new investor or a seasoned pro, there is always something to learn and, thankfully with the growing popularity in blogs and podcasts, there are some really easy, accessible and entertaining choices when it comes to personal finance content.

So, as we approach summer and holidays are starting to take shape, we’ve put together summer reading (and listening) list  that will help you move the needle on your financial acumen, without boring you on the beach.

Finance books that aren’t, well, boring

From Rags to Retired

Our first pick is a lighthearted, engaging story from first time Vancouver author Steve Bush. It follows the author’s improbable path to financial freedom and early retirement, despite growing up on social assistance and making a below average salary for the majority of his career. It’s entertaining, but also leaves the reader with some important lessons – and it’s one that we encourage viewers to check out.

Broke Millennial

A great choice for (you guessed it) millennials, or any young adults and professionals. Erin Lowry makes the topic of money, entertaining, fun and relatable for young adults. This is a step-by-step plan to stop the cycle of an empty bank account at the end of the month. It addresses a number of topics like how to manage student loans, how to discuss finances with partners and simple how to budgeting hacks.

Blogs worth subscribing to

Carrick on Money

Rob Carrick’s personal finance blog on the Globe and Mail offers a wealth of information (sorry, we had to). Each week Rob Carrick pulls together practical advice and information that applies to a range of different financial realities. Topics are wide-ranging – from what age kids should get a debt card to the best bank accounts available in Canada to trends in financial behaviors.

Maple Money

One of the most-read Canadian money management blogs online,  Maple Money addresses a range of financial topics. Founder and writer Tom Drake’s mission is to help Canadians learn how to make, save, invest, and spend money in ways that helps you create lasting financial freedom. A great follow for all audiences, no matter where they are in their financial journey.

Podcasts to add to your library

Simple Money

Personal finance expert and educator Matthew Siwiec covers practical topics in short, digestible episodes of Simple Money. For easy to follow break downs of seemingly complicated money topics like the federal budget, COVID-10 relief benefits, #GameStop we recommend tuning into Siwiec’s “fun and relaxed way of looking at finance.”

Young Money

Young Money is a weekly podcast that aims to propel listeners forward on their financial journeys, particularly young professionals and millennials. A former executive at one of the Big 5 Banks, Tracy Bissett shares her wisdom and offers actionable advice about all things money.

Real Money Talk

This is probably the only circumstance in which we’d encourage you to tune-in to someone who isn’t an expert. In Real Money Talk, the hosts certainly don’t claim to be financial gurus, but they share their platform with experts that are. “We may not be the experts, but we know what questions to ask our expert guests to get the answers you need.”



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