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Managing Your Money

5 things you can do with $300

For a limited time, when you open a membership with Coast Capital, you’ll get a $300 bonus,* plus no monthly fees. So what will you do with your extra cash? We’ve pulled together a few ideas for what to do with $300.

1. Go on a holiday weekend

Hop on a plane

Shop around discount websites and travel blogs like YVR Deals for cheap flights and go on a short getaway. You can find fantastic last minutes deals if you keep an open mind and check the sites regularly.


If you’re not in the mood to catch a flight, perhaps a little staycation is in order. Pretend to be a tourist in your favourite city. Spend the weekend somewhere close like Vancouver, Whistler or anywhere else you’ve never explored as a tourist. Approach it with fresh eyes and try to have new adventures like river rafting or zip-lining.

 2. Invest it or save it for a rainy day

What kind of financial institution would we be if we didn’t suggest that you save your money? But at the same time, who doesn’t want more free money? Investing $300 could take you further than you think. , plug it into long term savings, or stick it in your rainy-day fund. With compound interest, eventually, you’ll make more money off your free money. It’s a win-win.

3. Take a class

Pick up a new hobby! Learn something new or enhance a skillset. Community centres usually offer affordable classes if you’re looking to learn a new language, join a sports team, take music lessons or find your inner zen through yoga.

You could even flex your creative muscle and take pottery or painting classes. Try your best at creating hand-made décor for your home. If it’s a little…rough around the edges, perhaps you can gift it to mom for Mother’s Day. Moms love that stuff.

A cooking class is never a bad idea. You can put it into practice by preparing a meal for friends, family or loved ones. Everyone wins.

4. Subscribe to a new streaming service for a year

Treat yourself. Or, if you’re already treating yourself, consider it as free year subscription to a streaming service for music, movies or even audiobooks. There’s no shame in staying on top of the latest and coolest new TV show. A lot of times, if you budget it right, you might be able to subscribe to two.

5. Pay it forward

There are studies that suggest being generous leads to an increase in happiness. You could test the theory out. Maybe use the money to donate to your favourite charity, take your friends to dinner or treat your partner to a nice date. You could even buy something for someone else.

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