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Meet the Fraser Valley Youth Get It Community Council

The Youth Get It Community Councils empower young leaders to make investments in local youth initiatives. In 2015, the Councils allocated $1.2 million in grants to 87 organizations helping youth.

Delivering on our “for youth, by youth” strategy.

Each Youth Get It Community Council is comprised of eight emerging young leaders between the ages of 18 and 30. Four representatives are from the local community and four are Coast Capital employees.

Community groups who apply know their grant applications are being reviewed by dedicated young people who have a strong understanding of those they’re trying to support. In addition, young leaders gain invaluable experience providing great input and a youth perspective to their investment decisions.

Meet the members:

Community Representatives:

  1. Suneet Maan, Chair
  2. Brenden Graham
  3. Michelle Kumar
  4. Elyse Gawley

Coast Employee Representatives:

  1. Bal Khatra
  2. Aaron Theilade
  3. Ryan Keigher
  4. Amol Thind