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WEBINAR | A beginner’s guide to investing

If you’re new to investing, there can be a lot of information to get your head around. It’s completely normal to want to just stuff your money in a mattress until retirement. But the problem with that approach is that you not only lose out on the possibility of earning interest, but you also prevent yourself from the possibility of having your savings keep pace with inflation. In other words–keeping that money in your mattress over long periods of time, leaves it open to the risk of essentially being eaten by bed bugs. But don’t worry. Getting started is much easier that it seems, and we can walk you through each step of the way.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

1. How to start investing towards your goals

2. Different strategies for long-term investing

3. Different types of savings plans and investing tools

4. The value of continued investing in a volatile market

No matter what’s going on in the economy, or how the markets are behaving, there are always low risk, straightforward ways to invest your money and help you grow your savings. There are even investment tools that can earn you interest and guarantee the return of your initial investment. It also doesn’t matter if you have $50.00 to invest, or $50,000.00–there’s never any minimum requirements to start saving for your future.

To learn more about what investing could look like for you, book a free appointment with one of our advisors and we’ll review your options together:



The stuff we have to say. 
This video is provided for general information purposes only. It is not to be relied upon as financial, tax, or investment advice or guarantees about the future, nor should it be considered a recommendation to buy or sell. Information contained in this video, including information relating to interest rates, market conditions, tax rules, fees, and other investment factors are subject to change without notice and Cost Capital Savings Federal Credit Union is not responsible to update this information. All third party sources are believed to be accurate and reliable as of the date of publication and Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union does not guarantee accuracy or reliability of such sources. Viewers should consult their own professional advisor for specific financial, investment, and/or tax advice tailored to their needs to ensure that individual circumstances are considered properly and action is taken based on the latest available information.


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