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3 Finance Books to Read This Summer

Who doesn’t like sitting in the sun (or shade) passing the time with a good book? I’m all for getting lost in a good fiction every once in a while, but…

Finance Books
Managing Your Money

What to do with your tax refund.

While gathering the information to file your taxes can sometimes be as painful as pulling teeth, reaping the rewards in the form of a nice tax return from the Canada…

What to do with your tax return.
Managing Your Money

Enjoy filing your taxes with these 5 tips

Ok, maybe enjoy isn’t the right word. Filing your taxes isn’t usually on the top of peoples’ list of favourite activities. But with a few pieces of advice you can…

Managing Your Money

A guide to emergency savings.

If your car broke down and needed a $1500 repair to be back on the road, could you pay the bill without going into debt? If you lost your job…

How to set up emergency savings
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How a loan can put you on top during RRSP season.

The RRSP contribution deadline is just around the corner. Come March 1, it’s a ‘snooze you lose’-type situation if you want your contribution to count for the year. Like many…

How a loan can put you on top during RRSP season
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Budget-friendly holiday entertaining.

Who loves a good holiday party? But being a host(ess) with the most(est) is no small feat. Whether it’s a small gathering with close friends or an all-out extravaganza with…

Holiday Entertaining on a Budget
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Five holiday gifts that’ll fit any budget.

One of the reasons I look forward to the holidays is that it gives me the opportunity to sit down and think about the people I love and what matters…

Managing Your Money

What rising interest rates mean for you.

In the wake of three interest rate hikes this year by the Bank of Canada, many Canadians have been hit with the reality that rates can, indeed, rise. This was…

What rising interest rates mean for you
Managing Your Money

Things to consider when buying a vehicle.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. In some ways it’s like introducing a new member into your family because it plays such a…

Things to consider when buying a vehicle Coast Capital Savings

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Managing Your Money

Holiday shopping on a budget.

The arrival of December usually means one thing: the holidays are upon us. You may have already opened up a few doors on your advent calendar. An influx of festive…

Holiday shopping on a budget
Managing Your Money

How to set a budget you’ll actually use.

Budgets. A word many people dread because of its association with restrictions, hassle, and headaches. But unlike your favourite hairdo from the early 90s, budgets are still in style –…

How to set a budget you'll actually use Featured Image
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How to turn your hobby into a small business

Do you have a hobby outside of your regular 9-to-5 that you’re passionate about? Have you considered turning that hobby into a small business? Before you quit your day job…